Application rules

First, commit to entering respectable names and avoiding names that carry any connotations

Respect all those in the chat and not ridicule or sarcasm anyone, no matter who they are: not delve into topics affecting monotheistic religions, and if you violate the chat laws, this will expose you to expulsion from the chat

It is forbidden to publish pornographic or immoral images and disturb others

In the event that you are expelled from the chat, it is forbidden to review the moderators completely in the public, and any comments or inquiries about the reason for the expulsion are in the private. Do not enter with any name bearing any of the words of His Majesty. Do not enter with names similar to the chat moderators, to prevent problems from occurring.

Do not enter with disrespectful names or write phone numbers or e-mails

It is forbidden to provoke and harass members in public: (If this happens in private, you can tell one of the supervisors or write to the administration)

In the event that you are being harassed by someone in private, inform the administration immediately or make copies for the administration



Any suggestion or problem regarding the chat, contact the administration